Woman Offerings

WMN Teen Circle

WMN Teen Circle mirrors the magic of our signature WMN Circle gatherings, allowing girls to unplug from distractions
and connect on a more authentic level with themselves and their peers. Meggie Purpura facilitates this welcoming group where girls
feel safe to let go of judgment and comparison, allowing them to discover the truth of who they are at their core: inherently worthy
of love and belonging. With compassion and acceptance, girls learn to discern and shift the habits and belief systems
that aren’t serving them. This gathering is open to 8th-12th grade girls, including self-identified girls
and those exploring their gender identity.

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Women of Color Healing Circle

In this safe, non-judgmental space you will experience a deeper connection to yourself, an increased
sense of resilience, self-love, self-determination, and inspiration to liberate injustice
within your own body.
Women have the opportunity to share, journal, dance, and listen to the
experiences of others.
*This space is for cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conforming
identified Women of Color.

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Intro to Jade Egg

In this sacred, safe, compassionate, and non-judgmental space we will explore cultivating a deeper connection
between your mind, body, energy, and spirit. You will learn the origin of the jade egg practice, about the many psycho-emotional
and physical benefits, how to maximize hygiene and safety, a simple practice (without the egg inside) to get you started,
and foundational energy/chi and breathwork practices to support you and your body on your healing journey. Our intention:
to help you begin to expand your capacity to experience all kinds of love – human love, self-love, divine love,
romantic love, sisterhood love, etc. – in deeply profound ways.

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