WMN Mentorship

​​“Guiding women through one-on-one mentorship, supporting them in their call to serve.”

The WMN mentorship is a 6 month opportunity to work one-on-one with Paula in support
of growing and evolving in your desire and practice of serving women. Paula’s extensive training in Spiritual Psychology,
her experience as a Doula, and leading women’s circles for over seven years is the foundation of the work she is called to share.

During the mentorship, Paula will guide you through a process to reframe fears, judgements
and limiting beliefs that may be present. As you gain clarity around what no longer serves you, you lovingly transmute
what is present into intentional and actionable change in order to be of greater service to others. Paula offers the tools,
wisdom and conscious techniques that she uses to embody her own work as you navigate your experiences and challenges together.

Integrating your personal work within the structure of the mentorship allows for the exploration
of your calling to serve your clients, community and the world through the lens of a conscious business. In holding space and
tuning in to your unique style, Paula blends topic-related conversations and the processing of experiences to allow for authentic,
non-judgmental and loving guidance. Paula’s intention is to serve others towards embodying true transformational healing and a
shift towards high levels of consciousness.

If you are interested in this offering, email us at connect@wmnspace.com