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Massage Therapy for Motherhood: A deeply nurturing self-care practice for the journey in conception to the fourth trimester

We are pleased to provide healing bodywork treatments to support and uplift you on your path in motherhood. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum, there are nourishing tools and treatments that assist in caring for your current state while clearing the way for what is to come.

Amber Lee, WMN Space Massage Therapist and Motherhood Massage specialist, provides an array of healing sessions that are curated to your needs and interests. Amber’s experience in supporting women on this journey is vast and grounded. Her treatments are attuned to support those who have or are experiencing challenges in fertility and miscarriage. By consistently tending to the gardens within and tilling our inner soils, the possibility for new growth is made possible. Along the pregnancy pathway and after birth, nurturing care is truly imperative. Carrying forward a 30+ year old lineage of Prenatal and Postpartum Massage from the Esalen Institute, Amber so beautifully provides this healing time.

Amber Lee

Amber Lee’s lineage is rooted in the Andes, the Hawaiian Islands, in prayer, and in service. Seven years of study and experience in the healing arts has resulted in her comprehensive and holistic practice known as Plant As Compass. Her healing work is woven with the teachings of Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Council, Gestalt, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki®, CranioSacral®, Esalen Massage®, Deep Bodywork®, Prenatal + Postpartum Massage. Each session and ceremony is attuned to the needs and interests of the Individual and or Group, as Amber intuitively and skillfully brings nature and spirit together for healing. Her treatment philosophy and teaching style is inspired by the innate intelligence and power to self-heal that lives inherently in every being. She dedicates her path to supporting this understanding and reconnection. In her words, “Return to Nature. Return to Self.”

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