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Massage Therapy for Motherhood: A deeply nurturing self-care practice for the journey in conception to the fourth trimester
With Amber Lee

We are pleased to provide healing bodywork treatments to support and uplift you on your path in motherhood. Wherever you find yourself on this spectrum, there are nourishing tools and treatments that assist in caring for your current state while clearing the way for what is to come.

Amber Lee, WMN Space Massage Therapist and Motherhood Massage specialist, provides an array of healing sessions that are curated to your needs and interests. Amber’s experience in supporting women on this journey is vast and grounded. Her treatments are attuned to support those who have or are experiencing challenges in fertility and miscarriage. By consistently tending to the gardens within and tilling our inner soils, the possibility for new growth is made possible. Along the pregnancy pathway and after birth, nurturing care is truly imperative. Carrying forward a 30+ year old lineage of Prenatal and Postpartum Massage from the Esalen Institute, Amber so beautifully provides this healing time.

Amber Lee

Amber Lee’s lineage is rooted in the Andes, the Hawaiian Islands, in prayer, and in service. Seven years of study and experience in the healing arts has resulted in her comprehensive and holistic practice known as Plant As Compass. Her healing work is woven with the teachings of Aromatherapy, Acupressure, Council, Gestalt, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Reiki®, CranioSacral®, Esalen Massage®, Deep Bodywork®, Prenatal + Postpartum Massage. Each session and ceremony is attuned to the needs and interests of the Individual and or Group, as Amber intuitively and skillfully brings nature and spirit together for healing. Her treatment philosophy and teaching style is inspired by the innate intelligence and power to self-heal that lives inherently in every being. She dedicates her path to supporting this understanding and reconnection. In her words, “Return to Nature. Return to Self.”

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Life After Birth
One-on-one support for the mother
With Molly Nourmand


During pregnancy, women are showered with so much love and attention. After the baby arrives, new moms are often left feeling discarded, invisible and expected to have it all figured out on day one of motherhood. The metamorphosis of becoming a mother is a delicate one.  A safe cocoon is needed for the oftentimes awkward unfolding.

Molly Nourmand, licensed psychotherapist, yogini, and mother holds space for the complexity of this transition in her Postpartum Support Circle at WMN Space. In addition group facilitation, she offers individual and couples therapy that can help you navigate challenges that include, but are not limited to:

Birth complications/trauma, health issues with your baby including time spent in the NICU, experience with Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs), discord with your partner and/or other relationships, breastfeeding issues, identity and/or body image issues, grief and loss issues.

It can be difficult to admit that there is dissonance between your expectation of motherhood and your lived experience, and yet reaching out for support is the first step to your recovery. Through her training with Postpartum Support International and experience of working with new mothers (and being a mother) Molly will help guide you through this exquisitely transformational time. Contact her for more information and to schedule a session.


Molly Nourmand is a licensed psychotherapist, yogini and mother. Her multilayered lens brings healing, integration, and transformation to the lives of women through both group and individual therapy. Her approach is grounded in psychodynamic theory, and informed by over a decade of teaching yoga and meditation, as well as an ongoing exploration of mind-body practices including Somatic Experiencing and the Hakomi method. She received a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her master’s thesis titled, The Mythology and the Shadow of the Pill, examined the effects of hormonal birth control on women’s mood and libido. Due to unforeseen complications post-birth and challenges during her postpartum transition, Molly feels called to help women pick up the pieces of their lives and selves after being initiated into motherhood. She has translated her passion for working with new moms and couples into a specialty in her practice. She has completed the maternal mental health certificate training with Postpartum Support International. She created Life After Birth™ in the fall of 2017 and has been facilitating weekly support circles at WMN Space ever since.


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Prenatal & Postpartum Reiki Offering

As a WMN Space Doula, I understand how important it is to feel grounded and supported
during your birth journey. Through the beautiful healing energy of Reiki, this can be achieved. Energy healing can assist in connecting, regulating and grounding. It can help you adjust to the changes in your body during and after your birth. It can promote deep relaxation and connection to you and your child as well as aid the body’s natural healing abilities. it can help you cope with stress and improve your overall wellbeing.

Some added benefits:

  • Balance energy levels
  • Manage the transition from maiden to mother
  • Rebalance the nervous system
  • Support immune health
  • Improve the bodies natural ability to heal itself after birth
  • Aid in spiritual and emotional growth

*Reiki is safe to receive at any point during your pregnancy

$130 One hour session

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