Coconut Yoga Class – Kids Yoga

The coolest destination for playful, nurturing and creative children’s
wellness and yoga classes in Los Angeles, California.

Coconut Yoga classes are all inspired by the essence of being by the sea.
Classes are grounding, calming and allow children to deeply connect with
themselves on the yoga mat. Perfect for lil coconuts aged 3-5 years old.

Classes are 50 mins. and include yoga, creativity and mindfulness.
All props, games and kids size yoga mats are included in the ticket price.
To ensure the highest quality of products for your little one’s, we have
strategically partnered with the best local, organic, sustainable
and eco-friendly brands.

Daily class Flow:
– Creativity
– Warm-up
– Yoga Lesson of the day
– Yoga Game(s)
– Mindfulness/meditation
– Reading
– Savasana

  • Price: $25.00
  • American Express