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WMN Space offerings include weekly classes, monthly gatherings,
workshops, private healing sessions, treatments and events.

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Brow Sculpting

Jimena Garcia is one the beauty industry’s most sought after eyebrow artists. While her aesthetic is, in her words, “enhanced natural,” she considers each individual visually and aesthetically. Jimena is much more than a brow artist- she is a Brow Expressionist. Her extensive wisdom in self-care and the respect for her craft is showcased by her anointment of essential oils, crystals, and rose water during her signature treatments. Jimena’s work has naturally created a cult following. You can read about her work in these amazing articles from the women over at The Moment, Vogue, W, How You Glow, The Fullest.

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Massage Therapy

The beauty of art and nurturing touch can awaken parts of our being that are needing to be cared for, both known and unknown, seen and unseen. Through the practice of receiving healing bodywork, we are able to address our self-care from our skin down to our cells, in addition to tending for our emotional, mental, and spiritual realms. Whether you are working through some particular aspect that is arising for you, and/or you are seeking to be generally supported and enveloped in sweet nourishing care, this treatment will serve to meet you where you are in the present moment. Following an introductory heart-based consultation, Amber attunes each session to your needs and interests. As desired, the highest grade of organic oils are woven into the ground, nourish, and uplift you breath by breath. With intention and loving awareness, may you arise feeling restored and renewed.

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