WMN Space offerings include weekly classes, monthly gatherings,
workshops, private healing sessions, treatments and events.

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Ayurvedic Face Lift Massage: Julie Bernier

$250 // 60-minutes
$1400 for 6 sessions

This deeply relaxing face-lift massage diminishes fine lines and gives a visible lift and glow. Rooted in ayurveda and combining lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, and energy work, the treatment encourages the free-flow of prana, reduces muscular tension, frees connective tissue, improves blood circulation, encourages detoxification of the skin, and soothes the nervous system. The result is a fresh face and relaxed mind and body.

One session gives visible results making it the perfect pick-me-up before a big event. 6 weekly sessions are recommended to encourage further facial rejuvenation and a cumulative effect.

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Please advise clients when booking:
Fever, cold or flu
Eye, tooth or gum infections
Botox in the last month
Sunburnt skin
Contagious skin conditions on the face

Julie Bernier

Julie Bernier helps women to understand and incorporate the self-care practices that support their own unique body, bringing physical wellbeing, emotional balance and peace, and a greater sense of purpose. This holistic approach to individualized wellness is rooted in the ancient Indian wisdom of ayurveda: a complete medical science and way of life, which explains that our wellbeing blossoms when we align ourselves with nature. Julie is an Ayurvedic practitioner certified by the NAMA, a Certified Massage Therapist, and a classical hatha yoga teacher. She studied each of these modalities in the US and straight from their source in India. Connect with Julie at

Breath + Color Healing Session with Melissa Parke

$150 // 60-minutes

After many years of training in various healing modalities, combined with invaluable experience gained through my personal intense healing journey, I am honored to infuse my knowledge + passions into this one on one transformative offering.  During our 60 minute session we unite deep pranayama release with color breathing and Reiki energy work to dissolve old patterns, wounds, + traumas.  This allows us to align the chakras + create space in the body for new light, energy + radiance, initiating a profoundly insightful + revitalizing shift for the mind, body + spirit.

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Somatic Body Work: Tiffany Howsam


Somatic work holds the belief that our body holds the innate wisdom, resources, energy and strength to help us through life’s challenges and to reach our personal goals and wishes. To tap into this wisdom, I use touch, attention, presence, breath work, movement and verbal communication. When we are able to connect to our bodies and be in flow, we are able to let go of what no longer serves us (trauma, old thought and behavior patterns) and move towards greater health, more personal freedom and to live in alignment with what is in our heart.

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Pregnancy and Postpartum Support Services: Tiffany Howsam


The time before and after giving birth can be a mixture of emotions from joy and excitement to overwhelm and exhaustion, even in the best of circumstances.  As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I specialize in helping women during pregnancy and the postpartum period including postpartum planning, negotiating the many adjustment challenges that occur once the baby arrives, pregnancy / postpartum depression and anxiety, relationship issues, and parenting issues.

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Sexological Bodywork for Women: Kimberly Johnson

$300 // 90-minutes

I help women prepare for the birth with the Birth Rehearsal, recover from birth with Postpartum Mapping, overcome painful sex, and claim or reclaim full sexual expression. This includes somatic sex education and Somatic Experiencing trauma resolution.

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Beauty & The Thyroid Sessions with Fern Olivia Kundalini Yoga and Crystal Reiki Energy Healing with Ajai Alchemy Aromatherapy

$215 // 60 minutes

Discover profound answers within yourself as you tap into your inner medicine woman, the Divine Feminine who is radiant, magnetic, and able to express her voice confidently with grace. Fern Olivia, intuitive healer, founder of Thyroid Yoga®, combines her training in Biomedical Engineering with eastern medical practices to guide you to uncover the root cause of imbalances and symptoms.

Utilizing the science of Kundalini Yoga, Katonah Yoga™ asana, and mantra meditation, Beauty & The Thyroid Sessions are designed to help you recognize and break the habits that leave you feeling powerless and create new habits for success so you become absolutely powerful, healthy, and radiant. Throughout the session, Fern Olivia will use healing therapeutic essential oils for energy, stress-relief, relaxation, and total hormone balance.

Through Beauty & The Thyroid Sessions, you will create your unique ritual designed for your personalized desires and clear the insecurities that have prevented you from being absolutely magnetic – you will begin to see the whole world open up to you. A true healing will occur during each session and you will walk away feeling empowered, confident, and in love with your body again.

For accelerated and sustained healing from a thyroid imbalance, 11 sessions, once or twice weekly, are recommended.

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Womb Healing: Taylor Russell

$350// 90 minutes

In womb healing sessions, Taylor weaves together the skills and practices of Spiritual Psychology, intuitive guidance, and energy healing to support women on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of consciousness. This work supports women in releasing blocks and limiting beliefs, healing memories, moving beyond family patterns, clearing stagnation from the womb, sexual cleansing, facilitating heart/womb connection and self-love. Womb healing is for women in any life stage desiring feminine healing. It is great for those on their fertility journey as this work supports the creation of an ideal environment for inviting in a baby.

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